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RACCIS will publish articles that emphasize in the research, develop, application and the innovation in Computational Science Field and the Software Engineering. The articles, which can be presented in English or Spanish, must be structured whit proper grammar and terminology to selected language.

The Journal publish manuscripts whose presentation fulfil the general criteria of importance and scientific excellence. The works will be publish in the correspondent number to semester presentation, after our team of peer reviewers has done the necessary revision.

All papers are review by the editorial board for compliance of the regulations in the Guide for Authors. If fulfill whit them will be send to a double-revision by part of peers, who will value its scientific contribution. The contributions must be original and not have been published previously or simultaneously in other media, besides, will be critically review before it acceptance to publication.

RACCIS will publish original articles of investigation, reflection or revision.

The papers can be send in English or Spanish, but in any case the title, the abstract and the keywords must appear in both languages.

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