Publisher: Editorial Instituto Antioqueño de Investigación

Sponsor: Corporación Instituto Antioqueño de Investigación

Long name: Revista Antioqueña de las Ciencias Computacionales y la Ingeniería de software

Short name: RACCIS

ISSN: 2248-7441 (Online)

Location: Medellín - Antioquia

First edition: December 2011

Open Access: Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Charges: No page charge or publication charge or article processing charge is required to publish in RACCIS journal

The paper´s reception is permanent

The papers can be send in English or Spanish, but in any case the title, the abstract and the keywords must appear in both languages

This is a peer reviewed, distribution based international journal

This journal will have (2) two issues per year